Travel Photography: Alaska To The Yukon

I had some time off so thought, “Hm, what should I do?.”  More specifically I asked, “What is something I’ve always wanted to do?.”  The first thing that came to [...]


SF Union Square + Embarcadero Engagement Session

Vicky + Dan. San Francisco Engagement Session – Union Square & The Embarcadero. Hanging out with Vicky & Dan makes me happy.  Things are simple and easy between them.  Can you tell? [...]


Christine Chang Branding + Marketing Workshop

My last workshop on Branding + Marketing happened to be all women, and there is just something different about that dynamic in a business environment.  I love it. Thank you to to these [...]


One Of The Deepest Feminine Pleasures

I was at an art and musical festival over the weekend and attended a workshop on masculine versus feminine energy.  The speaker Bryan Reeves asked us to pair up with someone of the opposite sex. [...]