3 Must Do’s Before Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Overwhelmed at all the wedding photographers out there? Not sure where to start, or who to choose? Here are 3 things I highly recommend doing before making the final decision. 1. Look at his/her [...]


5 of My Favorite Personal Growth Inspiration Videos

Emotional intelligence is important to me. I always want to take responsibility for my own thoughts and actions, so I will occasionally listen to life coach videos while I’m editing photos. [...]


The Faroe Island Puffins

I’m in the Faroe Islands this week. This trip was my birthday present to myself. Lots more photos to come, but in the meantime, here are a few photos of chubby Puffins on the island of [...]


Laguna Beach Surprise Proposal

Chris called and asked if I could take photos of his proposal to his girlfriend Amanda. They are from the Bay Area and she had come down to Southern California to visit friends (who were of [...]


Scotland: Edinburgh to the Highlands

A few of my favorite photos from my trip to the land of plaid, whisky, and shortbread cookies. <3 Ediburgh, Scotland. At first I pronounced it “Edin-BERG.” My boyfriend (he’s [...]