Our Wedding Part II: The Reception at Gjelina

The second most asked question I get is, “Does photographing weddings help you get clear on what you want for your own?.” Yes. Whenever I work an event or wedding, I take note of what feels good [...]


Photoshop Class for Beginners – July 22nd

Did you capture an amazing portrait, but there is a flyaway hair that is driving you CRAZY, a giant pimple on the forehead, or people in the background you want to remove? Or maybe you want to [...]


Our Wedding Part I: The Ceremony at Culver Hotel

The question I’ve gotten most in my career is, “So who is going to photograph your wedding when you get married?.” I got married last weekend, and my friend Taylor Kinzie photographed the [...]


Family Shoot at Disneyland: Caleb Turns Two

I remember talking to Marcy & Vance about our mutual love for Disney when we first met. I photographed their wedding and maternity photos years ago, and was excited when they asked me to [...]


Jane Fonda Event for One Fair Wage

I photographed a private dinner for Jane Fonda to support One Fair Wage. I discovered she lives right by me. Who knew? More info about One Fair Wage at the bottom of this blog post! Jane, [...]


The Difference Between Wanting to do a Good Job and Trying Too Hard

There’s a clear difference between wanting to do a good job and trying too hard. When someone wants to do a good job, it’s for themselves. They have self-love and it makes them feel good. The [...]


A Sweet Surprise 70th Birthday Party at Belmond El Encanto, Santa Barbara

Margo’s husband along with her 2 sons were the ones who threw her a surprise party for her 70th birthday. The Event was simple, elegant, and thoughtful. Bits and pieces of Margo’s [...]


The Langham Pasadena Wedding: Jennifer & Eli

Jennifer & Eli. A beautiful couple and a beautiful day at the Langham Pasadena! Planner: Aquafuzion Events   Save Save


Giving Things A Fair Chance

The longer you avoid something because you’re scared of it, the scarier it becomes. Pete took me to a Bee Keeping class for my birthday. He knows I like new and unique experiences, so visiting a [...]


Remembering my WHY

I’ve thought about quitting Wedding Photography recently. I’ve been a Wedding Photographer now for 11 years and have reached a place where I think, “Now what?.” My career feels like it’s on [...]


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