Pro-Tip from Disney Pixar

I saw this Pro-Tip from Disney Pixar on Twitter today: “Try to have a firm grasp of the emotional core of a story before writing it.” I love to story… Read more

Blurry Photos Can Be A Good Thing

Different photographers have different approaches to taking pictures. For some, it’s about the technical aspect – what camera settings are being used to make sure it is properly exposed and… Read more

Is My Work Good or Bad?

The first picture I ever took was from my grandpa’s camera circa 1987.  We were sitting on the lawn at Evergreen College in San Jose, CA and gramps asked me… Read more

Keep Inspired by Shooting Film

One of the ways I keep inspired is to shoot film. It’s challenging, interesting, and no matter what you do or how advanced technology gets, it is IMPOSSIBLE to replicate… Read more
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