How To Make A Vision Board

A Vision Board is a visual representation of your goals, and they are no joke.  I started making them a few years ago, and it really works!

Everything on my first one came true so I was super excited to make my next one and put bigger, better, and more specific things on there!

I made my current Vision Board a year and a half ago, and everything on it is coming true at a rapid pace.  To give some examples of 3 big things that happened in the last MONTH:

1. Workshops are something that I’ve wanted to do for YEARS.

As of a couple weeks ago, CHECK.  You can read more about my first workshop here.

2. Tim Ferriss is someone I wanted to meet since I read the 4-Hour Work Week 5 years ago.  I’ve mentioned this several times in a blog here and here.  It was one of my more ambitious goals because this guy is hard to get a hold of!

Long story short, I entered a contest CreativeLIVE was having and got chosen by Tim himself to attend his workshop in Seattle!  I participated in his “4-Hour Life” Workshop a couple weeks ago and finally got to meet on of my biggest inspirations. 🙂  Check.

3. Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools.  I saw this “Like” button in a magazine and ripped it out.  My goal was to kick-start my following.  At that time my page had around 3,500 followers.  Initially I was going to put 10,000 as a goal because I would be happy with that figure, but then I thought to myself – This is my vision board!  I can have anything?  Ok, let’s make it 50,000! 

As of a couple days ago, check.

I had NO idea how any of these things were going to happen; I just knew that I wanted them to happen.  People always get caught up in the how, but the most important thing is to know what, and then focus.

If you’ve never made a Vision Board, here are few tips:

1.  Know what you want.  Take time to really think about what’s important to you.  A lot of people get stuck here because either they don’t know what they want, or they aren’t being honest with themselves as to what they want.  What excites you?  Don’t be afraid to say it.

2.  Be SPECIFIC.  Use photos of yourself, specific numbers, and powerful words.  Be careful what you put on there, because it will come true!

3.  Focus.  In order for a Vision Board to work, you have to focus and stay OPEN.  The things on my board didn’t really start coming true until 6 months ago.  Prior to that, I was heavily distracted in a relationship.  It was like I had blinders on and stopped acknowledging what was important to me.  I lost focus.  As soon as I got focused, swoosh!

4.   Share it with people.  When I made my first board, I was embarrassed to let people see it.  Sharing your goals is the start of making them REAL.  It holds you accountable, and besides, why should you be ashamed of what you want?  Plus, you never know who can help out and be the gateway to achieving something you want.

It’s fun having a vision board.  I don’t look at it everyday, but subconsciously you know what’s on there and align yourself to go down the path that will take you there.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!  Photographing Adam Levine???  😉

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  • Nathan

    Love my vision board! Pinterest helps!

  • Margot

    How inspiring! Do you have any tips/tricks/insight to share around success on Facebook? Thanks much.

  • Tammy Herod

    This was very inspirational Christine. I have always wanted to mentor teens and I started my mentoring clinics last month. This month we are doing vision boards and we will use yours as a guide. Keep up the good work.

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    Hurrah! At last I got a webpage from where I be able to actually obtain valuable facts regarding my study and knowledge.

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