Just Me and the Pup: A Perfect Road Trip Getaway to the Mendocino Coast

Last week I took a solo trip up to Mendocino with the pup. It was my first time there and all I have to say is – Why haven’t I visited sooner?!

Photos taken with Canon 5D Mark III and the Mamiya 645.

Van Damme Beach.

I found a sweet 33-acre home to stay at via Airbnb. The property was home to some amazing critters.


Catherine & Mark were wonderful hosts.

MacKerricher State Park.

The Pygmy Forest. Because of the highly acidic soil in this area, all the trees are miniature. Some 100-year old trees are only 12-inches tall with pine cones the size of blueberries.

Pygmy in the Pygmy Forest. 🙂

A guy named Rick (he was wearing a Santa hat) offered to take a picture of me. Thanks Rick!

Must. Sleep. Right. In. The. Middle.

Meep meep.