Photography Workshop Sold Out!

As humans we constantly have some story that repeats itself over and over based on something that we once made up.   It’s funny – even when you reach a level of consciousness and know that something isn’t true, the feeling doesn’t go away.

Since childhood, I’ve always worried whether anyone would attend my party.  I imagined myself sitting on the floor alone, crying.  Technically it has never happened, but it’s a reoccurring feeling that I get.  Gosh, what if no one comes?  🙁

I got the same exact feeling when I announced my first workshop.  It’s silly, but I must say I am enthralled to announce that it is SOLD OUT!

In addition to the people who have told me they have been following my blog for years (it always excites me to hear that), some of my best friends asked if they could attend too.  I’m thinking “Sure, yeah.  I’ll just pull up some chairs for you guys in the back and you can check it out,” but they didn’t want that.  Without even getting my permission, they went on the site and bought a ticket because they want to learn and officially attend.  Wha???

Thanks to everyone who registered.  I will see you on November 18th!  🙂

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  • Anna Ye

    Christine, I’m so happy and excited for you & your workshop. I wish I could attend but unfornately I live on the other side of the world =( You should consider hosting a workshop in NYC sometime in the future.


  • Kristina G.

    Congrats!! and sign me up for the next one! I’ll fly from Cancun 😀

  • j

    Please tell me you’re going to have a 2nd workshop sometime soon after ^^;

  • Maricle

    CC please come to’s not too far from you and besides, its a beautiful city!! 🙂

  • Deirdre

    Sooooo happy for you! Happy, happy, happy 🙂

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