Purple Wedding Tablescape Ideas

Years ago I was telling my spiritual healer Gypsy (aka my body worker, therapist, and mentor) about dating drama.  He asked what color my bedroom was painted. I said purple. He laughed and said, [...]


Roche Harbor Wedding, San Juan Island: Derek & Danielle

Derek & Danielle met on Bumble (for those who don’t know, Bumble is a dating app where the woman has to start the conversation with the man). Now that I think about it, about 70% of the [...]


Why You Should Hire A Good Wedding Planner

My hands down #1 piece of advice when planning a wedding is to GET A GOOD EVENT PLANNER. Anytime someone argues me about this, I ask them if they ever host parties that involve a [...]


Taking Responsibility For How I Feel

One time I was at a wedding taking photos of guests seated at tables. It’s a nice part of the day because by this time people have had food + drinks, so they tend to be more relaxed and [...]