Pretty In Purple: Check Out These Purple Tablescapes For Your Next Event

Years ago I was telling my spiritual healer Gypsy (aka my body worker, therapist, and mentor) about dating drama.  He asked what color my bedroom was painted. I said purple. He laughed and said, “Of course you would choose that. Purple is the color of confusion.”

I said, “But it’s the lightest lavender. Really pretty.”

I love the color purple. My bedroom is still the same color by the way, though Gypsy suggested painting it a shade of earthy brown at the time (more grounding). I do think that environmental Feng Shui-ey stuff can have a subconscious impact on how we operate day-to-day, but I don’t let it determine my life. I feel our life is mainly determined by our choices. Gypsy also believes this despite giving me spiritual advice. In the end he said, “And stop dating Mickey Mouse Ding Dongs…”

ANYWAY, the real purpose of this blog post is to share photos of (purple) tables that were created for one of my photography workshops. I told Event Planner Marley Majcher that I wanted PURPLE – shades of purple – and she created the setups below. Great inspiration for a purple wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower.

Event Planner: The Party Goddess

Linens & Chair Covers: Wildflower Linen

Furniture + Glassware: Town & Country Event Rentals



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