Blurry Photos Can Be A Good Thing

Different photographers have different approaches to taking pictures. For some, it’s about the technical aspect – what camera settings are being used to make sure it is properly exposed and in focus. For me, it’s the feeling. It’s the feeling you put into it and sometimes that entails giving up shooting from a technically “correct” standpoint.

Take for instance the First Dance (one of my favorite moments to photograph at a wedding). It’s intimate, dreamy, and feels like no one else is in the room. It also involves motion, which I often want to show. A little blur helps communicate that.

Or how about a groom crowd surfing at his wedding?

Blurry photos can exude more feeling in my opinion. It takes you back to the moment.

So whether you meant to do it on purpose or not, remember that blurry photos can be a good thing. Where some people delete the blurry photos of the bunch, sometimes I delete the ones in focus!

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    I AGREE #2!! 🙂

  2. Eng Tau

    I totally agree!

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