Capturing Simple, Natural, & Profound Moments At Home

With Covid-19 on the uprise, Los Angeles and most US cities are currently on lockdown, most likely for another 4-8 weeks.

I miss going to client homes to document their life with kids. I’m thinking about how NOW would be a great time to capture quality moments in people’s homes, except… you know.

I’m looking forward when we are allowed to socialize and be around each other regularly again! In the meantime I hope you are enjoying quality time alone or with loved ones.

Below are photos from a family shoot I did years ago. It was Dante’s 1st birthday and instead of a party, mom and dad just wanted to capture the simple day-to-day moments. “Because time flies,” mom said.

It sure does, because this shoot was so long ago that Dante now has 2 younger siblings! Lol.

I like this first photo. It makes me imagine what he’s going to look like as an adult.

Also, Dante is the biggest 1 year old I’ve ever seen.

Cole (the dog): “I got here first.”

Grandma bought him that toy because she said her kids were OBSESSED with it when they were toddlers.

Walking the dog. This photo cracks me up. He’s like a little man.

If you’d like to schedule a family shoot with me after this incubation period is over, shoot me an email. I’d be happy to capture photo memories of your family!

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    Capturing moments at home is very much interesting. It also help to collect family memories. I just loved this article.

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