Covid-19: Documenting Life in Venice Beach

Since all events have been cancelled or postponed for the coming months due to Covid-19, I have been documenting life around Venice Beach while social distancing orders are in place.

I hope everyone is doing well. Overall we are hanging in there, despite the mixed emotions that come with these “lockdown” changes. My husband is stressed at work trying to keep the restaurant afloat but overall we feel extremely fortunate to have our basic needs met. We’re extremely grateful for medical staff, restaurants, grocery, delivery people, and everyone who is serving the community during this time. THANK YOU!!

Below are a mix of photos from my Canon and also my iPhone.

Lately this is what our neighborhood has been like: A few people on the street, and the sky looking shiny and new.

My neighbor Terri left this on the doorstep for me. It’s a donut. She gets me.

I wanted to go to Trader Joe’s but there were literally over 100 people in line. Another grocery store, Ralph’s, was right across the street and there was zero line – the only thing I had to wait for was an employee to wipe down a shopping cart for me. I thought it was strange how people would rather wait hours in line at Trader Joe’s when they could just walk into another grocery store. I read somewhere that to get the average person to break a habit, you literally have to not give them access to what they are used to. So if Trader Joe’s closed, that’s when people would explore other options.

Ralph’s has good deals too! I got 2 for 1 English muffins.

A staff member at my husband’s work tested positive for Covid-19 so they had to shut down for a couple weeks while disinfecting everything and taking measures. My husband is still going into the office. The turquoise bike parked out front belongs to him.

My husband taking a photo of this house number during a walk so he could text it to his parents. 349 – it’s the same house number as the home he grew up in Ramsey, New Jersey. His parents still live there; mine are in Northern California. They are all doing fine and currently healthy.

Our neighbor Jake came by to drop off a 1000-piece puzzle (we love puzzles). Notice out other neighbor in the car on a conference call.

My niece + nephew – I love their eyeballs. Thankful for technology like Facetime that allow us to stay better connected during this time. It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t have access to all of this!

Pardon my “rolled out of bed” look. That’s what I look like these days. Lol.

Our buddy Rob saw on my Insta-stories that I was baking cookies and asked if he could come over for some. Rob is one of the only people I know who would actually get in his car and enthusiastically drive somewhere just for cookies, but “only if they are warm out of the oven,” he says. He came and sat out on our front porch. I stayed inside. He brought lemons from his lemon tree. “How many lemons do you want?,” he asked. I said, “Six. How many cookies do you want?.” He said, “One for each lemon I’m giving you, plus maybe two more.”

I empathize with the restaurants that are trying to stay open. We are doing our best to support local small businesses. On the window it says, “OPEN FOR DELIVER AND TAKEOUT!!,” “WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!!!,”  “DEALS ALL WEEK!”

As long as I’ve been alive, I have never seen the sky in LA look like this due to minimal pollution.

Kids (and adults) have been decorating the neighborhood with sidewalk chalk. I like looking at the happy colors. Jimmy just wants to pee.

This is Thumper. We walk by him everyday. Whenever I approach he puts his butt up against the fence so I can scratch it.

I know this photo is crooked. I didn’t do it on purpose. My dog was pulling me.

In LA County they keep pushing the dates back for stay at home orders. Until then, take care of yourselves and those around you. <3

What is the first thing you are going to do when we are out of incubation?

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  1. Elizabeth

    Hug my children and grandchildren. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, as always and share the sentiments.

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