Real Talk: What To Expect With a Down Hairstyle At Your Wedding

Below are ideas of how you can wear your hair down/down-ish for your wedding. I’m including pictures from real weddings I have photographed throughout different parts of the day because I find a lot of Pinterest and Hair Inspiration articles only show photos of professionally styled hair RIGHT after it’s done (perfect volumized curls with no whispies). When you style your hair down, remember it will naturally relax and change throughout the day.

I personally don’t mind the relaxed look, but I’ve witnessed some brides get disappointed when they see their hair by the end of the night. It’s something to consider when choosing what kind of hair style you’d like for your wedding. Or, have Hair and Make-up follow you around all night like a celeb. 🙂



Another tip: Most of us aren’t blessed with thick “Lioness” hair. Clip-on Hair Extensions make a huge difference for volume. I have a set of 7-piece clip ons from The Hair Shop in Beverly Hills and wear them sometimes for photoshoots and glam events.

Whaaa? My hair always effortlessly looks this full…

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