Emotional Attachment & Why People Buy Things

I spent $600 on a coat.

For some people that is a lot to spend, for some it is little, and for others justifiable. For me, it’s more than I usually spend on a whim.

Looking at myself in the fitting room, I liked it, but after seeing the price tag I wasn’t sure if I liked it enough. So what made me buy the coat?

One of the friendly sales reps saw me and as he walked by he said, “You look like a world traveler…”

WORLD TRAVELER. Those words shifted my thinking from “I’m not sure…” to “YES!.”

I love traveling. I identified with those words. Now I felt inspired (and like Indiana Jones) when I wore it.

When doing sales and branding for your own business, it is helpful to think about how you operate when it comes to making purchases. What was your last big purchase and why did you choose to buy it?

When brides choose a photographer, it’s because the photos/experience spark an emotion in them. My clients hire me for the same reason I bought the coat. I think about this when doing things like choosing which of my photos to showcase on my website.

I think – What would my ideal client identify with? 


And 99% of the time, it’s also what I personally identify with. I have learned that when it’s personal, when you make something YOU, it stands out.

P.S. In case anyone is wondering, the coat is from Cop Copine.

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  1. elaine

    loved this post!! 🙂 and beautiful coat!

  2. Genie

    You look pseudo “with love from Russia” in that coat! In other words, you look amazing. I love how you mention that part of your job requires you to find out what is personal to your clients and showcase that in your work, a very unique and difficult skill to master I imagine…


  3. Katie

    All You need is…emotions 🙂 <3 Thank You 🙂

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