Film Vs. Digital: A Side-By-Side Comparison

I had a client ask me if I could partially shoot her wedding using film. I wanted to give her a big fat hug because it’s extremely rare that I get this request.

Some people can’t tell the difference or simply don’t care.  I usually simply say that film is organic and has more depth. It gives a richness that digital can never replicate.

Below are two photos of the same girl. On the left I used a $100 simple Canon Elan film camera with Kodak film (like the kind you get at the drugstore). On the right is a digital photo using my professional Canon 5D Mark III camera, straight out of camera.

And that is the difference between film vs. digital.



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  1. a

    Dumb…. Shouldve taken the exact photo twice. Of course these will look totally different. Different lighting!

    1. Christine C.

      Dear A – These photos were taken 30 seconds apart standing in the same spot. The model’s face may be different but the lighting is the same.

  2. tom

    I like the digital better. The color pops while the film looks dull and faded. I guess this is why film is going the way of the dinosaurs.

  3. Nathan Vass

    As always, film looks beautiful– more dynamic, richer, warmer, alive with the organic nature of the emulsion interacting with light– not to mention greater tonal range and light latitude, without the artificial sharpness and clarity we’ve come to accept as normal in digital. Bravo! I especially love how her hair comes out in the film image!

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