La Jolla Private Residence Wedding: Tara & Eric

I saw Tara a couple years ago at her sister’s wedding in Hawaii. She was a bridesmaid and Eric was there as her boyfriend/date. Everyone kept saying, “You’re next, Tara!.” She was in the middle of working on her career and said she wasn’t in the space to even think about marriage. Lo and behold, Eric quickly captured her heart (based on his voice and dance moves I can see why), and shortly later put a ring on it. Smart man.

Their wedding was at a private residence in La Jolla which they found on Airbnb (best idea ever), and everything was personal down to Eric’s buddies running to the store in the middle of the party to get more beer. I loved watching how involved everyone was.These kind of celebrations are my favorite because they remind us what’s important.

Family & Friendship first. Details second.

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