A Super Stealthy Surprise Proposal in Laguna Beach

Chris called and asked if I could take photos of his proposal to his girlfriend Amanda. They are from the Bay Area and she had come down to Southern California to visit friends (who were of course in on the proposal as well). While at afternoon tea at Pelican Hill Resort, little did she know Chris was there ready to pop out and surprise her!

This time I had to be extra stealthy because I wasn’t allowed to be seen AT ALL. Chris wanted to keep the photos a secret until the wedding day, so he could print and frame them as a WEDDING DAY GIFT TO HER (They just had their wedding btw, which is why I can now share these photos). Great idea, huh?

I sat with Chris across the hotel lobby as he texted with her friends while they finished up afternoon tea. We anxiously waited for her to walk out onto the patio. I loved every moment – from anticipation, to her “WTF-are-you-doing-here face?,” to . . . well, you’ll see. 🙂











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  1. Crystal Y. Chang

    So sweet of him.

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