One Foot Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands Wedding: Matt & Nichole

5 reasons why I love Matt & Nichole:

1. Adventurous.

2. GREAT taste.

3. Laid back.

4. They call each other “Bubba.”

5. They brought me along on their super romantic wedding trip to the Cook Islands.

Below are photos from Matt & Nichole’s wedding on One Foot Island, Aitutaki. They eloped. πŸ™‚


First look.


Gardenias are one of my favorite flowers. I kept sniffing her bouquet like a creep.

I like seeing couples do little things that indicate they have a solid friendship.

Hopping on a boat to One Foot Island.

Nichole got these custom totes made on Great idea!

Private island. Felt like a dream. I almost cried on the ride over.

It’s powerful when it’s a private ceremony with just the couple. Makes it certain that the vows aren’t written for anyone else, except the person you’re looking at.

This is the first time that I’ve ever been the witness.

Fun fact: One Foot Island is home to the world’s smallest post office.


Matt has lived all over the world including the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, and can tell you fun facts about ANYTHING island related.

Thanks to Annie and the team atΒ Bishops Cruises for doing a wonderful job coordinating and planning. If you are having a wedding in the Cook Islands, give her a call!

Matt & Nichole – Thank you for letting me be third wheel on this trip.

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  1. Maria

    SUPER romantic! SUPER gorgeous! Heavenly,just heavenly.

  2. t

    I couldn’t really see the pictures since her rock was blinding me. LOL!! Lovely and perfect both the wedding (and the pictures, of course!) Awesoommmeeee!

  3. Jessika

    So romantic and unique!

  4. Tania Bishop

    HI Christine, I hope you remember me, I’m Annie Bishop’s daughter who helped with co ordinating Matt and Nicole’s wedding. I just really wanted to commend you on your photos, there is seriously no way to discribe your work! It’s absolutely stunning :)I hope your doing well?? God bless and thank you again for your lovely acknowledgement of Bishop’s cruises and my mum at the bottom of your page πŸ™‚
    Warm reagards from Aitutaki x

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