This Sweet Love Story Will Inspire You to Chase Your Dreams

At Peter & Catherine’s wedding, Peter stood up to make a speech. He told the story of their first date and how at the end of it, Catherine blew him off nicely by saying, “I think we would make really great friends.”

He went home bummed. He really liked her. He called his sister and his close friends. They encouraged him to keep pursuing her. He asked her out again. She agreed.

On their second date, there were sparks.

At the end of his wedding speech, Peter said, “Catherine, thank you for giving us a chance.”


It got me thinking how BIG our seemingly little life decisions are.  What if Peter didn’t muster up the courage to ask her out again? What if Catherine decided to say no to the second date? Then he wouldn’t looking at her, giving this speech right NOW, on their wedding day.

It was a reminder to have the courage to go after what you want in life. Be open. The worst thing you can get is a no. The best thing you can get is . . . well, who knows.



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