Q&A: How To Stay Motivated + Shooting in Low Light

 Below are some answers from last week’s Q&A on Facebook.

1.  Jigyasa S.:   Any advice for staying motivated (to take creative shots) to a rookie?

Getting other people involved with my goals keeps me motivated. Make sure you share them with other people!

2.  Allan M.:   What advice do you give for us who still have a day job and want to go pro photog but afraid they may not be successful with the bussiness and lose everything all together?

Draft out the worst possible scenario if you quit your job. Usually it’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be. There were times when I thought I had to go back to working at a restaurant to pay rent. To me, that is not horrible. I feel lucky that the option is even there.

 3.  Jamie G.:  What are your top three favorite iPhone apps and why?

Instagram – SIMPLE, fun way to share photos. Uber – get a ride any time of day, and it’s cheaper than taxis. UberEats – food delivered to you any time of day? Can’t beat that.

4.  Mawiyah J.:  You have a great group of ‘Miracle Minded Goddesses’ any tips on how to find & establish a support system of like minded – business oriented friends?

Whatever person you want to attract, first step is to be that person. The second step is to put yourself in situations where you are constantly meeting new people, and staying open when you meet them. 🙂

5.  Michelle C.:  When did you start introduce yourself as a photographer?  I find it hard to tell people I’m working towards becoming a professional photographer.  How do you get your confidence?

I started introducing myself as a photographer when I started taking pictures. Haha. I get my business confidence from my parents, and my personal confidence from doing personal growth. Reading books, attending workshops, etc.

6.  Allan M.:  What’s your fave prime and zoom?  Why?

Prime – 50mmf1.2. It’s the closest to what the human eye sees. Zoom – 70-200mm f2.8. Allows me to get intimate moments without being intrusive.

7.  Fer D.:  How you make the night photos make look so bright and colorful? Usually my photos look super blurry (even with 50mm f1.4) or look very red…

I do color correction in LightRoom (usually adding in more blue) if there’s too much red or orange. You might have to shoot with manual focus, increase your ISO, or make your shutter speed faster if your photos are coming out blurry.

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