Q&A: Aperture Priority Mode + Manual Vs. Auto Focus

Below are answer’s to last week’s Live Q&A on Facebook!

Why are you standing so close?

1.  Marisol R.:  Do you use autofocus or do you set your focus before a shoot?

I use autofocus 95% of the time. I use manual when it’s really dark, or when I’m shooting with back light.

2.  Wibie W.:  Who’s your favorite photographer and why?

I rarely have a favorite anything because it’s hard to choose one. I really like Joe Buissink. He shoots from the heart and he’s very passionate about what he does.

3.  Ashwini U:  Would you recommend shooting on aperture priority mode for a portrait shoot?

I recommend shooting on Manual mode -that way you have full control.

4.  Sreeja B.:  How did you decide to become a photographer? How did u start professionally?

I decided when my gut told me to do it. In the beginning I practiced shooting with friends and then began to look for photo gigs on sites like Craigslist.

5.  Ade P.:  Which is more interesting – cameras or men?

Depends on my mood.

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