The Right Place At The Perfect Time: Capturing A Surprise Proposal in Cuba

One day during our trip to Cuba, Pete and I decided to take a tour to Viñales.

During lunch, we sat next to a couple from New York named Chris and Ella. I asked if they were married. She said, “No, but he’s SUPPOSED to propose to me on this trip!.” Everyone laughed.

Minutes later Chris whispered to me to look under the table. I looked as he opened a ring box. He smiled and told me he was planning to do it after lunch, by the rocks.

Eeee! I was so excited and asked if I could tag along (in the distance, of course). Pete also got video for them. I love these organic, serendipitous moments.

Watching the video that Pete recorded.

Everyone clapped when they got back on the bus. 🙂

We keep in touch now. They have a holistic plant medicine company and Chris does VC work, so it’s possible that we’ll work together in the future. Magic happens when you stay open and available.

Oh and if you’d like to see more of my photos from Cuba, click here.






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