Do These 3 Things Before You Turn 30. You’ll Thank Yourself Later.

Below are 3 things I’ve done that really helped me grow and become more well-rounded. If anyone has other suggestions based on personal experience, please share in the comments section below. I’d love to hear! 3 Things To Do Before You Turn 30:

1.  Work at a restaurant.

I think everyone should do it once in their lives. You learn A LOT about yourself, and about other people when you work in the food service industry. Food is personal.  People can be malicious when they are hungry.  You are put in the crappiest of crappy situations and it takes every ounce of you to cater to an asshole with a smile on your face. Though not all of it is bad. You also see how compassionate and appreciative people can be.  Working in a restaurant is also one of the best ways to meet people.  Something about restaurant environments make employees bond closer than other work environments.  I was a horrible waitress, by the way.

2.  Travel internationally.

Go to places out of your comfort zone. See how people in different parts of the world do things. Hang with the locals. Eat their food. Learn a different language. Two trips that truly cracked me open were traveling to the Amazon and Sierra Leone. I quickly learned that although people do things differently, everyone is really the same. I gained compassion. I learned to appreciate other people, and also the life I have at home.

3.  Move away from home.

I know that my future self (if I decide to have kids) will want to punch me in the face for saying this, but move (far) away from home. I moved to LA for college and then to NYC after I graduated. Getting out of the bubble you grew up in will create an authentic you. You are more likely try a different laundry detergent that your mom used growing up and maybe discover that you like it better. You break free of what you know. You feel a true sense of freedom. Home will always be home, but moving away and being on my own was the most life-enriching experience I’ve had.

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  1. I love these!! I will add a CONTROVERSIAL one to the list: #4: have a child! Here’s why – having a kid is like being bitten by a vampire – suddenly the world is brand new – suddenly you want this human to have the most amaze-balls life possible – suddenly you realize you need to lead them there by example – suddenly all that ish that held you back before is bull – I realize it ain’t for everyone but motherhood kicks ass IMO 🙂

  2. Diane

    I love these! Something that significantly impacted my life before I was 30 was volunteering in a developing country. It was humbling and made me really get to know how people in need live in another country. In my case, it was extremely remote villages deep in the jungles of Peru. They had little aside from a change of clothes (if that), maybe a pair of shoes and a cooking pot.
    Another thing I would add it is to be comfortable in your own skin and confident you don’t need anybody else to make you happy. If you’ve done the three things you’ve mentioned, you most likely will already have this, but I have friends who are closing in on 40 and still don’t have this!

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