Stop Being Boring and Change Your Habits!

This morning I scrambled my eggs. I never scramble my eggs. My routine is to cook them over easy.

When I remember to, I like to make it a habit to change things up. If you make a habit to always have things the same, that is setting yourself up to be an inflexible person who gets uncomfortable when something is different. I definitely have my preferences but I don’t want to be an inflexible grumpy person!

That’s why I love traveling – you learn a lot of things about others, but mostly you learn about yourself. What you thought would be horrible or excruciating actually turns out to be just fine, if not taking a liking to it. You get out of your comfort zone and flow. You realize what’s important. You live with less fear.

Traveling to Sierra Leone showed me that I can let go of A LOT of things and be just fine.

Of course when I arrived home, I was super happy to shower, blast my favorite music, cook brussels sprouts (pan fried at a high temperature so the edges are crispy), drink coconut water, and plop on my couch. I love and appreciate these things, but don’t need to have heavy attachment to them.

Make it a habit to change things up. If you usually brush your teeth with your right hand, use your left. Cook your eggs differently. Try a new restaurant. Go to a new exercise class. Drive backwards.

Ok, don’t drive backwards.

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  1. Lydia

    you are always such a wonderful source of inspiration! 🙂

  2. Delaxi Gnanaprakasam

    I love your photos they are always live n great work by u …

  3. Delaxi Gnanaprakasam

    awesome …

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