Five Thoughtful Groomsmen Gifts That Are Actually Useful

I personally think the best gifts are thoughtful AND useful.

Here are 5 Groomsmen Gift ideas that are not your basic Groomsmen gifts.

1. Wireless Headphones.

This day in age, anyone can use a good pair of headphones, whether for travel, working out, or on public transportation.

Amazon offers this pair of Mpow wireless headphones that has great reviews.

2. Personalized Robes.

Nothing beats a soft robe that you can wrap yourself up in like a burrito. Keyword here is soft. Some men say they don’t care about texture. *Buzzer sound.* Not true. Men love how something feels whether they realize it or not. My partner said he didn’t care about how soft a towel is until he used the ones at my house. Ahhh, I love being right. Don’t skimp on quality and texture!

Brooks Brothers offers this classic Supima robe. Added bonus – it can be monogramed!

3. Stylish Laptop Bag.

Nordstrom offers a WIDE range of laptop bags for men of any taste. Hipster, bro, preppy, Wall Street – they got it all.


4. Personalized Flask.

I see this gift A LOT at weddings but they are usually engraved with only a name. What would make it a better gift is if an inside joke was engraved on it.

One time I gave my bestie a mug with a cartoon poo emoji on it – a silly “whatever” gift. Recently we were Facetiming and he said as he was drinking his morning coffee, “This is my favorite mug.” I said, “Seriously? I got it for you as a joke.” He said he likes it because it’s thoughtful (we have ongoing jokes about the poo emoji).

Groovy Guy Gifts offers many gifts that can be personalized. Don’t just put a name – make it thoughtful so the person receiving the gift remembers, “THIS is why we are friends.”

My personal flask. I bring it with me sometimes to shoot weddings. J/k! Or AM I?


5. Sleeping Bags for a Camping Trip.

Who says the fun ends after the wedding? Healthy couples maintain a strong social circle throughout their marriage.

Plan a camping trip (or any kind of group outing) for after the wedding. It could be sleeping bags, tickets to a game, golfing, (another) trip to Vegas, or whatever your group interests are. Experiences + quality time with friends are priceless.


What is the best Groomsmen present you’ve ever seen or received? I’d love to hear!

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