How To Get The Best Wedding Day Photos: 3 Essential Ingredients

Some people think that a great picture depends solely on the photographer. This is not true.

Looking through my photos, I find the pictures that get the most attention all have 3 key ingredients. In particular order, they are:

1.  Connection.  You can see how much chemistry people have by the way they photograph together. I remember that I didn’t like the way I looked in pictures with my ex-boyfriend. It could have been the best light and the cutest pose, but what I learned was that I didn’t like the way I looked because the chemistry wasn’t there. I didn’t SHINE, dammit! Haha. Great chemistry = great pictures. As a photographer, our job is to create magic if it isn’t there, but nothing beats real organic chemistry.

2. Great Light.  To be honest, if lighting is bad, photographers don’t put those pictures in their portfolios.  Amazing photographers like Elizabeth Messina and Jose Villa are light-based photographers. Their work revolves around great light. If the light is bad in a dressing room, they will ask the bride put her dress on outside (seriously).

Lighting is important. If you see photos that are soft and luminous and you want that style, keep in mind that you would have to take your pictures at a specific time of day. A ceremony at noon in direct sunlight will not give you the same results. Talk to your photographer about the set up and what time of day you are planning to have your wedding.

3. Aesthetics.  Dress, flowers, decor – this is what people usually spend the most time on. It is the least important of the 3 because it doesn’t matter how gorgeous someone is or how many hours were put into planning – none of that will translate well into pictures if you don’t have good light or good connection.

Connection, Great Light, & Aesthestics – 3 things to keep in mind for fabulous, over-the-top gorgeous photos on your wedding day!

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