That Moment When the Universe Speaks Loud and Clear

I was at a birthday party in Silverlake. There was a rugged guy with his outdoorsy station wagon parked in the driveway – he was a friend of the host. The trunk of his car was full of things he was giving away.

I picked up a kid’s drawing and smiled.

“Can I have this one?,” I said.


“What’s the story behind it?”

He hesitates, then chuckles.  “Now you’re making me feel like an asshole. My niece made it for me years ago.”

I laughed. “Well I like it. I’ll take it.”

I saw him staring at the width of my shoulders.

He said, “Hold on, I might have something else for you.” He went to the front seat of the car and got out a navy felt coat with brown faux fur trim.

“Do you like it?  I think it’ll fit you.”

It hugged my body perfectly. I felt like a little doll.

“Yes I like it. Thanks! I’ll take it.”

Later that afternoon, as we sung Happy Birthday to the host, I saw the guy across the room. We locked eyes for a couple seconds.

The next couple weeks I thought about him a few times.

He was the kind of guy I dreamt of when I was younger – an artistic man who looked like he jumped straight out of Lord Of The Rings.

I remember loving that trilogy when it first came out. While all the girls were swooning over Orlando Bloom as Legolas, I was infatuated with Viggo Mortensen as the King. This guy was equivalent to the King. MY King. And I would be… his Queen!

My girlfriend invited me to a Christmas carol event the following weekend. I chose to wear my new coat… it felt appropriate for a Christmassy event.

As we watched the choir kids sing I reached into my pocket. There was something wrapped in a piece of tissue.

I looked at it confused.

It was like when Kate Winslet looks at the Statue of Liberty at the end of Titanic and found the diamond necklace, except there was no diamond.

It was a piece of Rose Quartz. For those who aren’t into the “crystals” thing, Rose Quartz is the stone of cultivating love.

A couple weeks later I was at my dining table flipping through an online dating App. Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left. I stopped.

OMG. This is the guy from the party! I looked through his photos to make sure. Yep, it’s him. I swiped right.

It’s a match!, the App told me.

A few minutes later he sent a message. It was an extremely thoughtful message that showed he looked through all my photos and took time to notice the little things. I also adored his use of emojis.

He asked, “Is there anything else I should know about you?”

I smiled as I typed. “Yes. We’ve met before.”

There was a pause. He said, “Did I give you a rad coat???”


“I THOUGHT that was you!”

Our conversation continued and eventually we met up at one of his art shows. For a few months we dated and got to know each other. It was magical. The more I got to know him, the more I realized that this was indeed the guy I dreamt about. We had a wonderful time together.

On our second date I asked him why things didn’t work out with his last girlfriend whom he was with for a long time. He said she wanted a family and he wasn’t ready for it. She ended up meeting someone else who wanted the same thing and started a new life. I thought that was a very courageous move on her part – to let go of something you’ve built for 5 years (and someone you love) to make space for what your heart truly desires.

Things didn’t work out between me and the dreamy artist guy, as I will refer to him. We were always great at communicating where we were at, and a few months in it came apparent that timing was off. We lovingly agreed to remain friends.

The other morning I looked at the piece of Rose Quartz I had kept that was in the pocket of that coat (which I safely assume belonged to his ex-girlfriend). I never told him about it. It had been sitting on the shelf in my bathroom.

I brush my teeth and think back at how it came to me.

It was as if everything in the universe conspired, as if she made the special delivery – a gift being a piece of Rose Quartz that was hidden in the pocket of the coat, delivered to me so perfectly through him that one afternoon.

Still brushing my teeth, I reach for the stone and gave it a squeeze. It reminds me to stay courageous and I feel it – I am well on my way~



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  1. Ruby

    Hi Christine,

    This is such a beautiful piece. It’s so crazy how everything was aligned.
    I love how optimistic you are!

    Best of luck with everything! 🙂

  2. Fayne

    I thought I was reading a love story (well, partly it is), but the ending has a deeper meaning. The rose quartz brought you a message and you pass it along to me.

    I guess this entry in your blog is a special delivery from the universe telling me to have the courage to dive into what I love and leave the things that doesn’t make me happy. Particularly my full time job which I feel frustrated. For the longest time, I’m thinking of quitting and settle (for the mean time) to my part time job which is editing and lay outing wedding and engagement photo albums. I am the happiest when I edit couples’ photos. I love seeing happy people and to contribute to their happiness, I think is what makes me love the job more.

    Thank you Christine. ^-^

  3. Keri Martin

    This post is so beautiful. It made me feel all types of feels! Your posts are so wise and positive and an absolute pleasure to see and read. Bless your heart Christine 🙂 Thank you!!

  4. The girlfriend at the Christmas Carol event

    Beautiful story. Beautiful perception of life. I love you, T.

  5. Rachel

    and the guy you’ve dated is now a husband to you, right? pls tell me , he was and now is ur husband. haha.

    1. Christine Chang

      No I met my husband after. I remain on good terms with Lord of the Rings guy. 🙂

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