When “I Don’t Have Time” Really Means “I Don’t Care”

A lot of people complain that they don’t have enough time. I don’t have time to work out, I don’t have time to meditate, I don’t have time to see my friends . . .

Nothing is impossible if you really want to do it.

What are you doing with your time?

I have entrepreneur friends who will work like mad men, be in meetings all day, go out later that evening, party until 4:00am, and then wake up at 6:00am to go to the gym the following day.

Doing that everyday would not be a healthy lifestyle but if fitness is important to you, you will find time to do it, even if it means sacrificing sleep. For me, fitness is important but healthy sleep is more important. If I had a long day like that I would choose to sleep.

Blogging consistency is important to me, so I spend every Monday writing blog posts. It doesn’t matter what else is going on. If Angelina Jolie told me she wanted to get boba on a Monday, I’d say, “Sorry Angie.”

Just kidding. I’d prioritize getting boba with her so we can plan our next humanitarian trip together!

Back to making things a priority:

If hanging out with your friends is truly a priority, you can do it no matter how busy you are. Some people hang out with their friends less once they are in a relationship or have a baby. Some love the new lifestyle, others complain about it.

My friends Kevin and Leslie have been married 9 years, have a 3 year old, and they are by far the most social people I know. BBQ’s, parties, brunches, bike rides along the beach.. I can’t keep up with them! Their son Kaden comes out with them all the time and he’s friends with all of us too. They choose to have this integrated lifestyle because friendship and doing social activities is important to them.

I view life in a similar way. Life ebbs and flows, so if I have a lot of work projects naturally I have less social time, but in the big picture, I will choose relationships over work and make time for them.

Being adventurous, traveling, and trying new things are also things I value, so a lot of times I’ll explore new things with friends and fam. Win/win.

If you ever catch yourself complaining that you don’t have time for something, ask yourself if it is the truth, or if it is just something that isn’t that important to you.

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  1. Alex

    Love this and so true!!! And thanks for the eye candy! xo

  2. Yas

    This is just waht i need to read today 😀

  3. Lamiya Jabbar

    This is what i needed to read too. Its hard for me to account for day and how time just slipped by. Terrible. Wonderful of you to share 😉

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