How You Know You’re In A Great Relationship

I met my friend’s new boyfriend/manfriend recently. She asked what I thought.

Me:  I like him because I like who you are when you’re with him.

Her:  Really? I feel like I’m just being me.

Me:  Exactly.

A great relationship is when you love who YOU are in that relationship.

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  1. First of all, I agree with that sentence, it’s amazing how a person can change everything without change anything about you.

    Second, I just find your blog and I loved it! Overall I love the ASK ME category.

    I am a big fan of photography and I intend to become a photographer (big words for me) and I feel so lost about everything! and is really comforting to find professional photographers that take a little time to share their expertise, tips and advice.


  2. THANK YOU Jessika! 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words. Thanks for reading my blog! Excited for your photography adventure!

  3. bonsoir ,j’aime voir de telle relation ,et je souhaite etre aviser de tout nouveau et merci..

  4. really this words touch my heart,i’m definitely agree with you,i love so much your blog,and keep going<3

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