I Went To One Of Those Cat Cafes

I never understood why you have to choose if you’re a dog or cat person. Why can’t I be both?! I’m more of a dog person but like all mammals, really (as long as they’re nice)!

I went to one of those kitschy cat cafes when I was in London.

This cat cafe was extra cool because it was movie night, so besides sipping on coffee and eating treats while cuddling cats, we got to WATCH A MOVIE while eating treats and cuddling with cats! Lol.

We watched Godzilla. I didn’t get any photos during the movie (gotta live in the moment sometimes, right?) but here are a handful of photos beforehand… if you like cats…

Cat cafe. www.christinechangphoto.com

I like how they’re all so different. 🙂

Cat cafe. www.christinechangphoto.com

This one was my favorite. Don’t tell the others.

Cat cafe. www.christinechangphoto.com

I love a good grumpy cat too.

A grumpy cat. www.christinechangphoto.com

Cat cafe. www.christinechangphoto.com

Cat cafe. www.christinechangphoto.com

Cat and dog cafes are all over the world in big cities. The next I would like to visit is a Corgi cafe (currently only available in Bangkok I believe). Or maybe I should just get my own pet so I’m not so animal deprived.

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  1. I just spent way too much time scrolling up and down, Christine. They are adorable.

  2. Thank you for visiting the blog and getting your fill of furry goodness. 🙂 I hope you are doing well and feeling good Marianne! Always sending good vibes your way.

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