My Wild Birthday Celebration at Animal Tracks Inc.

For my birthday this year I went to visit an animal sanctuary in the Los Angeles valley called Animal Tracks. It is home to exotic animals, and the best part is you get to pet and interact with them!

Unfortunately some of these animals have had a rough past, like Luke here, who was rescued from the Playboy mansion (Hugh has lots of exotic animals in his backyard). Luke was bullied by the other monkeys in his cage. It’s hard to see in this photo but the others bit off all the fingers on this right hand and what remains are little nubs. Animals Tracks took him in and are now working to re-socializing him.

Prince Charming!

The wolves were very snuggly.

We were allowed to touch and interact with most of the animals except Rosie the tarantula. She was too delicate.  😛

The sanctuary is also home to retired Hollywood dogs like Tanner who played Marley in Marley & Me.

Besides my family, I’m lucky enough to have 5 besties who show up anytime, any day for me. Fallon, Jessica, Carla, Apryl, & Mark (two are missing from this pic. Group photos can be a pain). It could be a fun activity like visiting an animal sanctuary, or picking up the phone at 2:00am because I’m having a breakdown. Whatever it is, they ALWAYS show up, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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  1. Happy birthday, Christine! Hope your birthday was as wonderful and sweet as you! <3

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