Taking the Leap: How I Embraced My Passion & Built My Photography Business

Do you love photography but aren’t sure if you want to make it your career? Want to know more about my story and how I made the decision to do what I love?

Recently I was interviewed by Juicy Geniuses – an online community to help women experience, enjoy, and squeeze the most out of life!

In a 20 minute Skype interview with Alexandra Cattoni and Leanne Kallal, I talk about:

  • Why quitting my stable job was scary but how taking this step was crucial to my success as a photographer.
  • Why asking yourself “What’s the worst thing that could happen if I pursue this path?” is totally empowering.
  • Why using the process of elimination to find your passion is useful.
  • What I love most about being an entrepreneur.
  • What my goals for 2012 are and how I’m setting myself up for success to achieve them.

Click here to go to the Juicy Geniuses website and listen to the interview!

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  1. Alex

    It was so much fun interviewing you CC!! You’re such a JG! Love ya! xo

  2. Michael

    Nice job, CC! Great to see how far you’ve gone with your photography, and how you chose to focus (no pun intended). Wishing you continued success in 2012!

  3. Michael

    Okay, I only posted once. I’m not a spaz. Preasu derete douber postingu.

  4. sooji

    this was just the push i was in need for christine. thank you!

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