What Training My Dog With Cesar Millan Taught Me

Recently I had the pleasure of training my new dog Jimmy with Cesar Millan at his Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita.

He is labeled as a dog trainer but as he often says, “I train PEOPLE and rehabilitate dogs.”

Training with Cesar exceeded all of my expectations. Besides basic dog training directives, what I was super drawn to was Cesar’s approach. It’s a balance of Eastern and Western ideologies.

He used the example of how people in America search for money, power, and fame, but you’ll see these same people going to yoga, meditation, or to a Third world country to be natural, simple, and profound. I am guilty.

Dogs live a very natural, simple, and profound life. They live very much in the moment.

This is like my spiritual quest. I’ll cancel my trip to Bhutan and just hang out with my dog…

My dog Jimmy is from China. He moved to America. He doesn’t care that we are training with Cesar Millan – he’s just here to work for his food, play, and take naps in the sun.

Cesar is incredibly authentic, passionate, and generous with his time. He’s so in tune with energy and seeing the magic he creates is an “aha” for how simple it truly is to create whatever you want in life!

Whether you find it in your career, connecting with others, having kids, or working with animals, we all want to have an impact during our time on earth.

I see how Cesar created this for himself by visiting his animal sanctuary and watching him do what he loves to do with purpose, passion, and integrity.

He is also a prime example of the impact you can have on millions of people by simply being authentic and living your truth!

That was my biggest takeaway from training with him.

Thanks Cesar, for the impact you have on the world.

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