To Trend Or Not To Trend? How To Create a Timeless Wedding

Design is the fun part of wedding planning. Colors, textures, style, vibes, mood boards!


During the last 10 years I’ve seen some notable wedding trends like:

– Vintage photo editing (popular right before Instagram and their filters took off)
– Flapper style forehead headbands
– Colorful groomsmen socks
– Yellow and grey color scheme (very popular in 2009)
– Flower crowns
– Braided hairstyles
– Mason jars
– Ombre color palette
– Bright & airy photos
– Huge fluffy wedding bouquets

One thing to ask yourself before choosing something for your wedding is if you think you will like it 10 years down the road.

It’s one thing if a particular style is the hottest trend of the season and you wear it to a friend’s Saturday get-together, but consider you will be looking at your wedding photos for a LONG time. It’s a monumental moment. Will you like what you chose, or will you say, “Gosh, doing that was so 2007!”

Before you know it, it’s prom all over again.

I surprisingly don’t regret what I wore to prom (ode to my people!), but if I could have done it over, I wouldn’t have dyed my hanging hair strands red (it’s kind of hard to see in the photo), and I wouldn’t have put my hand on my hip. But most importantly, I wouldn’t have dated that guy for as long as I did. Ugh. Haha!


I’m not saying to avoid trends. I think a lot of them are popular for a reason – because they look good. But my advice would be to ask yourself whether you truly like it, or if you’re choosing it because it’s the thing that is all over Pinterest at the moment.


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