Are You Copying A Trend or Doing It From The Heart?

Looking online there are A LOT of beautiful photos that look the same.

I wonder if this is what photographers really want to be producing, or if they think it’s what they are supposed to be producing.

Same goes with fashion. I feel like most people are on auto-pilot and wear what magazines tell them to wear.

I have been guilty of following trends and it never works well in the long run. You don’t listen to your gut and look back years later to think, “What was I doing?.”

In terms of photography, my favorite photos are the ones when you can tell the photographer is present when taking it.

It’s authentic. Real. Even if you don’t know the people, you FEEL it.

Not a trend. Not for Instagram.

The most meaningful photos may not get the most likes and they may not get published in magazines, but if they mean something to you, that’s what matters in the end.

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