4 Important Things To Remember Every Day

A shot from Jonalyn & Ed’s wedding last week.

Her vows:  I promise to try to cook as good as your mom, and the food truck guy…


Early in my career I was assisting for another photographer who had luxury fashion clients. Not to say all luxury fashion clients are like this, but these people were NOT nice (I had to use everything in me not to use expletives right there).

Many things happened that day, but this one in particular stood out. It was cocktail hour. The patio was crowded, and by accident her mom got bumped and spilled a little champagne that landed on the bride’s dress. The bride yelled, “MOM!” with a furious look on her face, while her mom stood there not knowing what to say. Her mom’s friend asked her what was wrong and her mom softly said, “She’s upset about her dress.”

Her mom tapped her daughter on the shoulder to ask if she would take a photo with her friends who traveled from far away to attend the wedding, but the bride would not turn around. She was mad and continued to ignore her. Her mom looked like she was going to burst into tears. It broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

Everything was about show, and nothing was about love. I knew from that moment that if I can help it, I NEVER want to be surrounded by people like that.

I feel extremely lucky that from the way I brand myself, the only people who contact me are those with similar values. Jonalyn and Ed’s wedding last week reminded me of everything I think is truly important in life:

1. Acknowledging others. Especially those who make you the person you are today.

During the ceremony, Jo and Ed took turns acknowledging both sets of parents in their native tongues (Ed learning Tagalog, and Jo learning Spanish). Jo choked as she started.  “Mama, Papa…” 

There truly is a correlation between how one treats their parents and how they treat their significant other.

2. Having fun…

Simple and easy, but sometimes we forget to do it!

3. Showing your love…

Jo bought Ed that guitar for his birthday. He surprised her with playing “Here comes the Sun” by The Beatles. She sang along with him. They often sing together at home. 

4. And most importantly, being KIND.

One of Ed’s buttons popped off before the ceremony.  Mama was there quickly with needle and thread in hand.

Thank you Jonalyn and Ed, for filling up my love tank.

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  1. Carla

    I loved this wedding! Those vows almost made me cry.

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