These Photos Prove You Should Always Bring Your Dogs to Photoshoots

Nicky & Justin have the cutest family of pitbulls. When it came time for their engagement photos I asked if we could PLEASE incorporate the dogs into the pictures.

Kaden, Karma, & Kasha are the biggest snuggle balls and I had so much fun playing with them. Nicky & Justin are ok, too.

Anyone who sleeps with their pets can empathize…

When I was a kid we’d watch The Chipmunks and you know which one was my favorite? Theodore. Since then “the chubby one” has always my favorite, like Karma here.

Flying sausage.

If you are thinking about incorporating your dog into engagement or family photos I highly recommend it, selfishly, because I want to play with them.

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  1. Krystal

    God I love those two!!! And their pups… eeeeee! I miss all of them… especially Nicky!!! Shhhh don’t tell Justin!!! Are you photographing the wedding too???

  2. Charlie Walkrich

    Those pitbulls are so lovely! Makes me want to get one for myself. Great work, Christine! 🙂

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