Family Photo Shoot at Disneyland = Best Idea Ever

I remember talking to Marcy & Vance about our mutual love for Disney when we first met. I photographed their wedding and maternity photos years ago, and was excited when they asked me to photograph their son Caleb’s first time at Disneyland.

I met them at the Grand Californian Hotel where they were staying. For shoots with kids, I always like easing into it because kids never respond well when things feel forced. Gotta let them run around and warm up to what’s going on.


I remember hanging on to this fence when I was a kid.

I get motion sickness and forgot to take Dramamine. Did ok though!

Marcy & Vance are really funny so I knew Caleb would be too. The funniest thing I found out about him is that he loves Pho.

It’s a Small World. Dad in the back. Lol.

Curious and amazed by everything.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me document your family’s memories at Disneyland. I feel shoots like these are more memorable than a staged family shoot. You never hear, “Remember that time we did that family shoot in a field?,” but you do hear things like, “Remember that time we went to Disneyland for your birthday?.” 🙂

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