Stop Taking Posed Pictures And Start Telling A Story With Your Shots

As a kid I remember what it was like running up and down the stairs of my childhood home. I remember the smell of the carpet. I remember racing to the bars at the park, and having round-up contests with friends. I remember being sad one year at my sister’s birthday party because I wanted to use the colorful paper plates I picked out but was told no.

During shoots, the primary thing I focus on is story-telling. These are the moments in life you aren’t going to get back. I want to feel it all.

Below are some photos from a recent family session in Santa Monica (their youngest, Max, was turning 1).

When I arrived, Max was napping. His mom told me that the second we open the door he will jump up. The opposite of me. I will sleep through anything.

A very older-sibling thing to do. Lol.

Most 1 year olds I’ve encountered have hesitation when presented with their first cake. Max knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Clean up crew.


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  1. joanne l

    Oh that face with the cream is priceless! Love the story you were telling. I’m sure your clients will treasure them forever.

  2. James Tang

    Beautiful family!

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