Perfect Is Boring – Be Your Best Imperfect Self

Have you noticed that people respond best to authenticity?

People don’t respond longterm to people who present themselves as perfect because you know they’re full of crap. No one is perfect and when you get to see imperfection in someone, that is when you feel like you can connect them.

I met Zoe Bell recently. She bombed her first audition with Quentin Tarantino to be Uma Thurman’s stunt double in “Kill Bill.” Jumping off a trampoline to do a full twist front flip, she fell….again and again. In later interviews, Quentin said he didn’t care if she could do the flip perfectly. He chose her because every time she fell, she showed a mixture of laughter and frustration, got back up, and tried it again. She was being…human.

Right after I snapped this, Zoe got a hold of my camera and tried to take a picture of her crotch! Haha. I love her.

Give up being perfect and you’ll go places.

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