These Adorable Honeymoon Photos At Walt Disney World Will Make You Wish You Had A Photographer With You On All Your Vacations

In addition to photographing Drew & Rula’s wedding, they had booked a separate shoot with me. Originally the plan was to do a bridal shoot on the beach in Malibu since we didn’t have time to do it on the day of their wedding.

THEN, I found out that we were going to be in Orlando the same week in September.

They decided to go to Disney World for their honeymoon and I was going for my friend’s 50th birthday (yes, a bunch of adults celebrating with Mickey).

We all love Disney. Drew works for Disney. So I suggested, instead of a formal portrait session at the beach, if they wanted honeymoon photos at Disney World to add to their wedding album.

They loved the idea, and we agreed that documenting vacation memories would be more meaningful than a staged portrait shoot.

Photos below of me meeting up with Drew & Rula at Walt Disney World, so I could document part of their honeymoon/post wedding celebration. 🙂

When your petsitter send you photos of your dog while you are away.

They met up with some friends one of the days who had a baby. This moment cracks me up.

Rula: “Please don’t do that.”

It was all our first time to Animal Kingdom and we were stoked! It’s fun going to the parks with people who are equally excited and enthusiastic.

“Is it cheesy to take a photo in front of this wall?”

Yes and that is why we should do it.

Pandora was amazing. Everything from the details, to the food, and of course the Avatar rides.

This Peter Pan photo bomb though.

I love these photos because they show how relaxed, positive, and playful Drew & Rula are.

There is a time and place for polished clean photos (we got a lot on their wedding day), but most of the time what brings joy is simply living life.

Congrats to these two. I had so much fun nerding out with them on their Walt Disney World honeymoon.

P.S. Hiring a photographer to go with you on vacation is becoming a new trend. Consider it to capture memories next time you go somewhere instead of scheduling a regular portrait session at home. You’ll be glad you did!

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