3 Simple Changes You Can Make to Quit Your Social Media Addiction

Social media is a big part of my business. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. What do I need to post next? Who liked or commented? 

I was hanging out with some friends who also use social media heavily for work. They were both on their phones doing what I call, “feeding the beast” – constantly updating their accounts with interesting posts to keep their followers engaged.

I’ve seen this many times before but at that moment I realized – Is that me? Is that what I look like, walking and hanging out in the presence of other people and not even looking up?  Wow, that is me!


Being on social media has huge benefits but it’s not how I want to live. It’s still a part of my business, the only difference is it no longer consumes my life. It comes and it goes but overall, I’ve let it go. I figure whoever really wants to follow me will, and I’d rather have 100 loyal readers than 100,000 who I constantly have to impress.

What I’ve done to take a step back:

1.)  I only go on Facebook 2-3 times per day to post and answer comments. I don’t scroll through the newsfeed or check what other people are up to. This is the biggest time waster ever. This isn’t to say that I never check, but for those who matter in my life, if I want to see what they are up to I would rather see them in person.

2.)  I have let go of the need to post something. If I don’t have anything then I don’t have anything. When I do have something then I’ll post, and chances are it’ll be better quality because I feel inspired.

3.)  Turn off notifications. This sometimes includes the ringer on my phone. This way I check things when I choose to versus being a slave to who is reaching out at the moment.

These 3 things have freed up a ton of time and mental space so that I can be more present and live life as it is in front of me. Things are more simple and pleasant. 🙂

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  1. Nicole

    Thank you so much for this Christine! I needed this. I’m a nursing student prepping for my national board exam while also running a YouTube channel (youtube.com/elegantlillady). I feel like I’m stretched so thin with my days and simply cannot accomplish all that I want to. And it’s especially difficult to keep up with all of my social media outlets. Your post made me feel better about not always keeping up and taking time to breathe and take care of myself. You’re right, it’s such a time sucker and I need to let go and make time to live in the present. <3 (Btw I still have your Pixar postcard from all those years ago.) 🙂 Love your work!

  2. Irina Sibileva

    I agree with you Christine. When we with my friends at the cafe, each of them holding their phone on the table and scrolling through the newsfeed. I think it’s improperly. And to give an example to them I put away my phone in a bag. I like to look at the eyes of my friends. And always prefer to call instead of email. Thanks for your interesting blog!

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