Remembering My Why: That Time I Almost Quit Being A Wedding Photographer

I’ve thought about quitting Wedding Photography.

I’ve been a Wedding Photographer now for 11 years and have reached a place where I think, “Now what?.”

My career feels like it’s on auto-pilot and I can photograph a wedding with my eyes closed. Going through paperwork, posing people, editing, delivering…

Does anyone even read my blog anymore? “Just keep going,” my brain tells me. “So many people quit too early. Just keep going.”

Remembering My Why - Christine Chang Photography

Someone named Sandra emailed me.

Hi Christine,

I’m a longtime follower of your blogs and Facebook (which are amazingly insightful and fun reads!).

I stumbled across your site when I was searching for photographers for my first wedding, but you were not affordable for a young twenty-some year old. Several years have passed, and I am now a widow who is blessed to reach the marriage milestone once again with someone special.

I’m still not certain if I can afford it, but at least this time I can confidently ask what your rates are for engagement and wedding day photography are.

I realize I didn’t need to say my entire story, in case this goes nowhere. But I guess since I have been keeping up with your business updates over the years, I felt like sharing some of my own self with you. Haha.

Looking forward to hearing back,


Remembering My Why - Christine Chang Photography

After reading her email and getting teary, I remember why I chose my career path.

I realized my blog posts haven’t been as personal lately. I’ve stopped sharing parts of myself and instead have been posting more business-y articles, like How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Photographer?.

Articles like that are useful but my point is – What good is my art and how fulfilling is life if I’m on auto-pilot and only give people what I think is practical? The world doesn’t need more of that.

What I need is to tap into feeling every moment of my growth (because we never stop growing), and have more to give besides simply photography skill and my experience in the wedding industry.

Why do I do this?

To share a part of myself and connect with people.

Let me never forget that. 🙂

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