Are You an Intuitive or a Technical Photographer? And Which Is Better?

There are two types of photographers:  Intuitive and Technical.

Technical photographers are masters at using camera equipment and light. They love to use technical jargon and have it down to a science.

Intuitive photographers are masters at seeing and feeling the moment they want to capture.

The people who are really great photographers are strong in both. If you are more artistic and intuitive, you can practice your technical skill. Pick up some photography books. Read the manual. Take a class. Learn how to use your camera without having to think. After you know how, continue to practice.

I am an intuitive photographer at heart. One of the ways I practice technical skill is to shoot film.

If you are a techie, you can work on opening up your creative side. I constantly work on personal development because how you are in one area of your life spills into others. As I’ve hurdled breakthroughs and opened myself up, I see the impact it has had on my work. Two of the main byproducts of personal development are confidence and creativity. It’s like reverting back to when you were a 2 year old and didn’t give a shit about anything. Life was great back then!

Read personal growth books, attend seminars, have those hard conversations that you don’t want to have. I can’t express what an impact this can have on your life, and work.

One of my favorite personal growth books by Eckhart Tolle.

If anyone wants any more specific recommendations, feel free to send me an email. Happy shooting!

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  1. So funny! My bf and I were just talking about this. We’ve been practicing a lot since we’re both amateurs. I’m more of the intuitive & he’s definitely more technical. We always joke about how we just need to be one person to get the shot. I love your advice. We’ll get on it!

  2. Packing Rainbows

    I am super intuitive, I love your advice “read the manual” ha-ha… Will do!

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