Yes, You Need A Second Wedding Shooter: Here’s Why

Some people don’t think it’s necessary to have two photographers to photograph a wedding. I didn’t think so either, until the first time I had someone come along to assist me. Now I will very rarely shoot a wedding by myself, even if the guest count is less than 30 people.

Having two photographers gives two perspectives that are physically impossible for one person to capture. Here is an example from a recent wedding:

During the ceremony, I am usually standing in front by the altar. My second shooter is in the back.

Me:  Taking pictures of guests as the ceremony is about to begin.

Second shooter:  Catches a moment with the bride with her dad seconds before she walks down the aisle.

Me:  Getting the groom’s face as he begins to see the bride coming down the stairs.

Second shooter:  Capturing the guests’ reaction as they see the bride coming down the stairs.

Me:  Bride as she walks down the aisle.

Me:  Capturing the moment when dad gives her away.

Second shooter: Captures wide shot of ceremony as I’m up front getting tighter shots. 

It would have been flat out impossible for me to get all those moments if I were by myself. Thank you to my assistant shooter for doing an excellent job, as usual.

Have at least two photographers to cover a wedding – you’ll be glad you did! If a wedding is up to 200 people I have one second shooter. If it’s more than 200 guests I will add on a third.

If you’d like a play-by-play of where I stand to take pictures during the entire ceremony along with a second shooter, you can see a video I made here.

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  1. Jason DeSomer

    This is a great article! I fully agree with you! Your photos from the wedding look really wonderful and how you show the examples from both shooters really exemplifies what you are saying. Awesome 🙂

  2. Tab Penaloza

    Thanks you Christine and Carla for capturing these beautiful moments in the time of our lives. From and very grateful father of the bride. 🙂

  3. Seng

    Amazing photos as always. I was wondering, do you ever discuss with your second shooter about what to capture before the wedding? Also, where do you usually place yourself as you’re photographing from the front?

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