What Happens When You Love What You Do

When I was a kid my dad would bring me to the lab (he’s an organic chemist) late at night. I would draw on the whiteboard for a while and eventually push the conference room chairs together so I could lay on them and sleep.

The office was always empty at that hour . . . all lights off except the little corner where my dad was working.

Me: “Why are we here this late?”

Dad: “Daddy has to work.”

Me: “No one else is working.”

Dad: “No one in the company cares as much as I do.”

25 years later, I find myself in my office space working nights til 3:00am. It’s quiet . . . not a soul in site. Lights off except my little corner. Inn-N-Out as fuel.


I get it now. This is what happens when you love what you do.

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  1. SJ

    That’s true! Sometimes I’m caught at the studio I work for late at night… Since there’s been break ins where I live, my bosses installed cameras around and when they leave me, they lock the gates behind them to keep me safe… I’m usually last to leave since I’m finishing up wedding photos/wedding books. But I’m never exhausted.. I’m always eager to work.

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