Why So Serious? Just Let Go and Have Fun!

I watched football on Sunday. Yes I, Christine Chang, sat down and watched a football game. I rooted for the 49ers since I’m originally from the Bay Area, and I’ve also had the privilege of photographing a couple of Joe Montana’s events.

I must admit, watching the game was fun. I cheered, clapped, and gave a chest bump or two.

Sports should be like anything else in life – fun. It’s funny whenever the coaches and players get PISSED OFF.

Ego at it’s finest.

Great for having passion but does it have to be that serious? Can’t you be into sports but also have fun with it?

Of course I’m not any better when it comes to other things. Like one time when my ex-boyfriend destroyed my favorite dress by putting it through the washer. I looked like the coach above but worse. I cried!

I cried because I lost a piece of clothing.

It’s funny when you look back at those moments. I’ve practiced letting go of things faster and it’s benefitted me tremendously. If I dropped my camera and broke it I would be sad. I love my camera but would I choose to sulk about it all day? What is that going to do for me? I’m going to do what I can, and move forward. (P.S. I have camera insurance).

Life is not that serious.

That being said, I’m going to go down the street and grab some fro-yo.

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