Who Else Wants to Have The Best Day Ever? It’s Easier Than You Think.

We were in the Dominican Republic. We asked the first local we saw (the rental car attendant) where to go. He said to drive out the resort, make a left, another left, and then a right at a roundabout.

The 5 of us got in the car. Noah who was driving, said, “Are you guys ready for a BDE?!”

What is a BDE?

Best. Day. Ever. Rules for a BDE? It can’t be planned; it just is.

Highlights of our day:

1.  Driving into the town of La Romana, we got our windows washed 4 times. I’ve never sat in a car with cleaner windows.

2.  Sipping fruity cocktails and napping on a quiet beach.

3.  I learned to fly!

4.  We ate pepperoni pizza. Search for local food fail. To our defense, it was a pretty darn good pizza.

Some photos:

Our BDE wasn’t exactly extraordinary, but it was a reminder to be grateful for little moments EVERY day. Nothing is perfect. There were times when we got split up and couldn’t find each other. We didn’t always agree on which direction to drive. We almost ran over a guy who jumped on the hood of our car (he REALLY wanted to wash our windows).

Nonetheless, it was the best day ever.

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