This Intimate Backyard Elopement Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

I’ve always been fond of backyard elopements, where the focus is on sharing and committing your heart versus flowers, linens, and aesthetic perfection. Elopements are in a way communicating, “This is enough. What we have is enough.”

Don’t get me wrong – my OCD ass will spend hours making a party look fabulous. I’m a fan of decor, good aesthetics, and an over-the-top celebration. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, elopements have a lot of the heart and yes, they are enough. 🙂



Their dog Max in the corner watching.


This is why I think elopements are the – You get to be present and do things the way you want to do them without anyone else’s opinion or idea of perfection.


Big wedding, small wedding… At the end of the day, the emotions are the same and you have a spouse. That’s what matters most.



Thank you to Caroline & Grecco for sharing their day with me. I feel lucky I get to witness such beautiful moments all the time.



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