Favorite Lenses For Wedding & Portrait Photography

People seem to collect lenses for bragging rights over function. You buy a bunch of lenses and before you know it, the majority will be sitting on the shelf or lugged around with you everywhere, only to never be pulled out of the bag.

A good lens makes a difference but you don’t need a huge variety to shoot better.

All my gear is Canon. I shoot with the Canon 5D and use these 3 lenses the most.  In order of my favorite:

-50mm f/1.2


-70-200mm f/2.8



If you are shopping for your first lens, this is what I recommend based on how serious you are about photography (note: this is for Canon):

50mm f/1.8 – ~$100 – for the hobbyist

50mm f/1.4 – ~$369 – for the person who does photography jobs on the side

50mm f/1.2 – ~$1499 – for the full time photographer

If you can, I recommend getting a lens that is f2.8 or less. When I travel, I only bring my 50mmf/1.2 lens or the 24-70mm f/2.8 and no flash. But please note: If you are shooting a wedding, make sure that you have back up of all your gear!

By the way, in case anyone is wondering what the f-number is (i.e. f/1.2), it is the aperture. The lower the number, the better it is for low light and bokeh (creating blurriness in the background).

Lenses aren’t cheap so it’s good to take time in choosing. I recommend going into the camera store and playing with different ones because of course, people have different opinions as to what works best for them.

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  1. t

    great blog! Makes it easier, cuz it is CCRRRRRRAAAAZZYYYY the amount of gear out there! Thanks

  2. Lydia

    *sigh* 50 f/1.2, my dream. One day…one day…

    Wow…one back up for all of the gear?? That’s a lot to carry lol

  3. Kat

    oh great! i’ve just bought a DSRL T1i last year and have not quite mastered manual setting. i mainly use “av” mode.

    i can’t wait to hear more about aperture! i would love to hear any pointers you have to give! i mainly do portrait and landscape.


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